Freight Bill Auditing

Freight Bill Auditing

Service Highlights


Great Reputation

Our good relations with carriers affords us few problems when collecting claims or making short-payments.

Accurate Audits

Our experienced rate analysts will carefully check every freight bill for errors in rates, discounts, classifications, routings, extensions, etc.. Filing claims in the proper amount the first time means no waiting to get your money back.

Audit of All Modes

Our audit expertise includes foreign freight as well as domestic, which is a rare combination in today's freight bill audit world.

Complete Tariff File

An extensive library of bureau, carrier and client pricing is maintained, providing full audit coverage for all modes of transportation.

No Retaining Fee

50-50 sharing in paid claims is our only charge

Detailed Documentation

On every overcharge claim, you (and the carrier) will be fully aware of why every overcharge claim was filed.

Professional Advice

We develop a working knowledge of your overall traffic program through our postaudit duties. We can put this knowledge to work for you!

Detailed Reporting Packages

Our standard reporting package includes detail and summary batch reports, carrier remittance reports and check registers. We are truly flexible when it comes to customized reports and quick turnaround on special request files and reports.

Extra Time

You and your staff gain more time to spend on your company's core competencies.

Start Saving Today!

Error Discovery = Revenue Recovery

Contact traffic service bureau and find out how your company can benefit from a no-cost, comprehensive, freight bill post-audit.

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