Pre-Audit & Pre-Pare Procedures

Pre-Audit & Pre-Pare Procedures

A Unique Alternative To Outsourcing Your Freight Payment Function


If you’re not happy with your present freight payment firm, or are hesitant to outsource the payment function, our Pre-Audit and Pre-Pare service may be of interest to you.  Here’s how it works:

  • You direct carriers to send your company's freight bills to Traffic Service Bureau. (We can handle mail or emailed invoices.)
  • We audit every freight bill for accuracy – we have audited freight bills for overcharges for over 98 years – we are one of the best rate auditors in the business!
  • We enter specific data of your choosing into our computer.  (All freight bill data is captured for EDI bills.)
  • Detailed reasons for our corrections are noted on the freight bills and copies are provided.
  • All hard-copy freight bills and EDI printouts are batched together (in carrier order) and neatly assembled beneath the BATCH REPORT.
  • Our batch report, freight bills and our CARRIER REMITTANCE REPORTS (with corrected freight bills attached) are mailed promptly to you (on a defined schedule) providing exact detail of amount to be paid to each carrier.  We can even send you a file by e-mail.  Your reports and files are also posted on our web based client portal that only you have access to.
  • Using batch information received from Traffic Service Bureau, your company cuts a check for each carrier in the batch, attaches our carrier remittance report (with related corrected freight bills) and then you mail them.  Or, you can mail us your completed checks and we’ll do the rest.
  • An invoice for Traffic Service Bureau's compensation (a per bill fee) is sent to you at the close of each month.
  • Additional data entry and management reports can be provided upon request.  We are very flexible and can normally customize reports to your specifications!

Benefits of Traffic Service Bureau's Pre-Audit and Pre-Pare program:

  • Your company enjoys an audit by one of the best in the business.
  • We shuffle the paperwork and handle all of the headaches, before payment and after.
  • You control the freight payment function – We have no access to your funds whatsoever.
  • TSB’s Pre-Audit and Pre-Paresm is the foolproof freight payment system you’ve been looking for – all of your funds security fears are eliminated!

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