Freight Bill Payment

Freight Bill Payment

TSB will handle your freight bill payment needs - our bonded check writing service allows you to fully outsource the freight bill payment function.

Service Highlights


TSB Receives Freight Bills

Carriers are instructed to submit your freight bills directly to us. There is absolutely no handling necessary by your company.

Document Verification

Bill of lading (outbound) and delivery receipt (inbound) verification eliminate the possible payment of "someone else's" freight bill.

Duplicate Payment Protection

Historical database "search" prohibits additional payments for a given shipment (without manual approval).

Data Validation

Extensive data validation virtually eliminates costly data entry errors and improves the overall reliability of our service.

Freight Charge Corrections

All freight bill pre-audit corrections are fully documented and shown on each freight bill that is adjusted. We provide complete detail for the carrier and for you.

Payment Terms

All bills are processed for payment on a defined schedule, well within payment terms. As bills are ready to be paid, we will advise you of the exact amount that you should wire to the TSB Freight Payment Account. Upon our receipt of those funds, checks will be mailed to the carriers the following business day. Wires and ACHs are also utilized when deemed appropriate.

Organized Files

After payment, your copies of all documents are neatly assembled in carrier order within each payment batch. This makes document retrieval a very simple task should you encounter a need to review any information.

Detailed Reporting Packages

Our standard reporting package includes detail and summary batch reports, carrier remittance reports and check registers. We are truly flexible when it comes to customized reports and quick turnaround on special request files and reports.

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