Service Failure Audit

Service Failure Audit

Service Highlights

Traffic Service Bureau has a relatively new service it now offers shippers which may help you save some of your small parcel expenditures. If you (or your payment firm) are not presently checking for FedEx service failures, please read on!

TSB Receives Invoices

To get started, just instruct FedEx to submit your company's invoices directly to us electronically. We will take it from there.

15 Day Window

FedEx rules only permit service failure credits to be taken within 15 days of the invoice date Time is of the essence!

Database Entry

Invoices are entered into our database, so we can easily locate all shipment data should a need arise we will customize reports for you too!

Service Failure Audit

All invoices are run through our custom written program and audited for service failures - Suspected shipments are kicked out for review.

Credits Taken

All suspicious invoices are pursued with FedEx and if service failures did take place credits are issued immediately.

Charge Corrections

After receiving credit approval from the carrier, TSB makes corrections to the invoice database and prepares the current invoices for payment.

Pre-Pare Service

If it is your desire to pay your own invoices, TSB will generate a clear and concise remittance report for you to pay the carrier with you simply cut the check in the approved amount.

Payment Service

If you would like to enjoy the complete benefits of our service, upon receipt of your wire transfer we will issue our check to the carrier as payment for your invoices.

Contingency Basis

TSB performs this service on a contingency fee basis, so we will invoice you for our share of the savings or you can include our fee in your weekly wire transfer if you have TSB pay your bills. If we find no service failures and we are processing EDI files, you pay nothing for our audit or for our Pre-Pare and Payment service.

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Error Discovery = Revenue Recovery

Contact traffic service bureau and find out how your company can benefit from a no-cost, comprehensive, freight bill post-audit.

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